Minimization of personal data

Minimization of collected data! How many data can we collect?

This article that I could draw from the website of the European Commission ( - the link), relates to the minimization of collected data.

Personal data

They should only be treated when it is not reasonably possible to proceed with treatment in another way. If possible, it is best to use anonymous data. Where personal data are necessary, they should be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose ("data minimization"). It is the responsibility of your company / organization as controller to evaluate the amount of data needed and to make sure you do not collect irrelevant data.

Example (Minimization of personal data)

Your company / organization offers ridesharing services to people. For these services, she may request the name, address and credit card number of her clients, and possibly even information related to a disability (ie health data), but not their racial origin.


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