How to choose your DPO ?

How to choose your DPO ?

The DPO position may correspond to an internal position, of an employee type or be external and use a consulting company, lawyer or company specializing in the DPO.

Today, there is a slew of websites that are created and claims to be experts in GDPR or as DPO.

The CNIL on its page (FR)  explains that there is no profile close close to the launch of this post but specifies that the no one must have several qualities and they must not necessarily be united in one person.

Here is a summary below

  • The person must be a good communicator
  • He must be an expert in legislation and good practices of data protection
  • A good knowledge of his sector of activity and how the treatment of the information systems and the needs that a society could have in terms of data protection and security
  • Have a key position to have the ear of good people who could advance compliance

It is therefore necessary to think that a person within your company can take this position but that it would be important for him as the CNIL says to provide him with training in order to make him more confirmed in this knowledge.

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